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Is it any wonder that weekend weddings are becoming increasingly more popular? Much like destination weddings, weekend weddings allow family and friends to gather for an unforgettable celebration with plenty of activity. In comparison to a destination wedding, it’s not so much the locale that’s important, but rather the main idea is to have fun and reconnect with one another. You don’t need a tropical location to keep your guests entertained and feeling loved.

Your weekend wedding could be as casual or as extravagant as you’d like. It could take place at a lake or cabin, a mountain resort or just about anywhere, and we have plenty of suggestions for locations and activities. How about a camping wedding complete with a welcome barbecue, canoe rides, a campfire, and smores? Or maybe a castle in the mountains is more your style where guests enjoy golfing, sightseeing, fine dining and a trip to the spa? Whatever your style or taste, a weekend wedding is a sure way for you and your loved ones to bond and de-stress.

The planning of a weekend wedding is a little more involved than your standard affair, but it’s worth the extra effort! The Naturally Chic team would be pleased to help you with any and all planning for your weekend wedding. We’ll help with location options, itinerary, and logistical guidance. Of course, we’ll help with all your ceremony and reception planning as well. We’ll see to it that you and your guests are well taken care throughout the weekend with plenty of opportunity for downtime and activity. We’ll ensure that your event is filled with quality time and personal touches. You can count on your wedding to be unique, personal and an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. We’ll take your vision and help you transform it into an occasion that is better than you originally imagined!

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