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We bring the same passion and enthusiasm to your corporate events as we do to each of our weddings. We know your business is important to you and it’s our business to ensure that your project or event is implemented with skill and professionalism. We’ll take your initial concept and turn it into an event that exceeds your expectations. Whether it’s a casual get together or a black tie affair, we’ll deliver exceptional quality, meet your objectives and create a wonderful experience for all involved.

Just because it's business, doesn’t have to mean it’s boring! The possibilities for business entertaining have grown to include weekend retreats, sporting events and cocktail receptions at unique venues. Whether it’s a company Christmas party, a product launch or simply a gathering to garner goodwill among customers and clients, we’ll take into consideration your company image, objectives and budget to create the perfect atmosphere. We’ll find you the right location, propose concept and décor ideas, hire vendors, arrange transportation and bring it all to fruition.

With any celebration, you and your guests should feel comfortable, welcomed and well taken care of. We create warm, inviting experiences and take care of all your needs. You shouldn’t have to worry about any of the details or if your guests are taken care of. The Naturally Chic team will handle all the arrangements so you can take care of the business at hand. We look forward to sharing recommendations for fabulous vendors and unique activities in the Canadian Rockies and beyond.

More and more businesses are concerned about sustainability and want to contribute to a more sustainable economy. We would be happy to discuss with you simple ways to help make your next meeting or event green. We’ll work with you to implement small or big steps according to your company’s level of greenness. Going green is not only good for the earth but is a smart business practice!

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